Northeast Tree Tenders @ Al Furgan Mosque (Last Stewardship Project Event)

For this last blog post, it’s my turn – Bianca speaking (er, typing. I’m not saying anything right now actually.).

Layla had finished her hours on her own independent adventure, you can scroll down and see her blog below.

So Anna, Shirley and I went to the planting at the mosque on Cottman, where we enjoyed some light refreshments, signed up for groups, got some digging gloves (and free pins! woooo) and then trooped outside to see a demonstration. (And a hawk!)

Even though we planted trees before, these trees were…ah, quite a bit bigger. Thankfully we had Hassan to tell us how it’s done –

Step 1: Remove Grass.

And off we went to the site! Go group A!

Wait, you mean group A doesn’t actually exist and we had to join with another group instead?

Go group H!

Step 1: Remove grass

This site was at the free library next to Washington High School. See those trees there now? We planted…a few of them.

Shirley insisted on collecting all the worms we dug up.

Shirley's version of pokemon? Gotta catch em all

We put this powder stuff in the base of the trees, to help with water absorption for these new trees. And to better help these trees grow straight and stable, we added some support.Then we staked ’em! Like vampires!

If vampires were some sort of slow-growing sun-loving organism

Well, there were quite a few people there to help, we finished and went to part ways. Shirley went back with Hassan and the others to grab some pizza, while Anna and I walked back to our houses. (We all live in this area – my house was a twenty minute walk away. That and I had no bus fare.)

But so ends our hours requirement! Check that off the list, we’re done!

At bottom left: Go group A! I mean H!


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