Group Charter

Group Name: Sonic Rain Boom

Goals / Mission Statement:

To take time out of our busy schedules in an effort to contribute to and beautify our community by working with community groups from all over Philadelphia.

We hope to contribute at least the ten hours required by the Green vs. Gray course and to better learn from the environment.

Group Members:

·         Shirley Choi

·         Bianca M Cianfarini

·         Anna Lepaeva

·         Xiao Yang (Layla)

Member Roles:

·         Shirley Choi: Web Designer and Blogger/Writer

·         Bianca M Cianfarini: Blog Editor

·         Anna Lepaeva: Deadline manager and Meeting Leader

·         Xiao Yang (Layla): Time Keeper and Team Project Monitor

Blog writing duties will be rotated.

Communication Methods:

·         Group E-mailing

·         Cellphone | Texting|

·         Skype or WebEx (If necessary)

Expectations and Standards:

  • Be positive!
  • Do not shirk your assigned responsibility.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other group members!
  • Complete all assignments/projects distributed by the Green vs. Gray course to make a successful blog.
  • Do all this in a timely manner.

Decision making:

Potential group works will be decided on by a majority. Since our group has four members, in the event of a tie, a compromise will be discussed.

Resolving conflict:

If the conflict is a scheduling issue, rely on a more instant form of communication ( ex: text instead of email). Please be sure to inform group members well in advance if you cannot attend an event. Be prompt in your response.

If the conflict is a question of duties, please be direct with the group. You don’t have to regret about not liking a duty – surely a compromise can be reached. You may take on other responsibilities.


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